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Situated at the end of Tunxi Old Street,  a stone pedestrian street lined with restaurants and shops,  the Huangshan Old Street Hotel (Huangshan Laojiekou Kezhan) is designed in the tradition of Anhui's Huizhou culture. The hotel is just a ten-minute drive from the railway station and bus terminal and a 15-minute drive from the airport.[View Detail]         

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  • jinge999999
    The hotel is located in the heart in Huangshan city, in the tunxi old street, very convenient. hotel has free parking and no parking problems. accommodation worth visiting again.
  • e02704373
    In the old street end of the street, it was relatively quiet, but onto the road probably takes more than 10 minutes. Rooms are older, dirty cheap.
  • caiyuexiao1998
    Also can be easily
  • sailing_007
    In a road environment great location, 12 buses to the train station in 10 minutes at the gate to the, to the long-distance bus station is opposite and 10 minutes to
  • lee7777777
    Good location, very convenient
  • Calvin_Liu
    Transportation is very convenient, just at the old corner, pub environment and service was good.
  • e03321034
    Great location in old street, great
  • sosonic
    Clean, comfortable, good location
  • Abone
    Personally feel that farm chicken was delicious! the two half is enough to wwww Inn have ancient. There are a few very small cute MEW. great!
  • lujiayi2005
    Single family bed is a bit small, and two friends who charge 20 bucks, that's bad, others are OK, just in front of the street, ride easy
  • buyongy
    Great location, at the entrance to old street, the traffic is very convenient. There needs to be improved. and found that there is no paper towels in the morning, call the front desk sent roll of paper towels, reply to find floor attendant at the front desk, not necessarily where a layer, go to each layer.
  • emmamao
    In addition to the House was old, well, if you go to the street it's convenient!
  • stardust2006
    This was a "hostel" online but sign says "hotel". Drawing on the wall must have been done by previous tenets so pretty lame but guess not the hotels fault. It was basic, but good enough. Had a great sleep actually. Excellent location next to the old town. Cheap and worth what we paid.
  • e00092401
    Old room facilities, but clean, price is not much different from the opposite Hotel special room prices, price/performance
  • D~N~A
    Room is very unique, it was clean, but a little old. luggage services. location in old street, very convenient for shopping and looking for food. it is worth recommending!
  • jamesyang-gg
    Except facilities old outside, is has Huizhou taste, travel also convenient, opposite is xinanjiang, downstairs is Street entrance, service personnel attitude also good, out right turned walk 3 minutes on can eat to breakfast. 11 period between price expensive, added a Zhang bed 200 Yuan, usually only 100, with Manager said has half good, to 150 Yuan, in usually this price should fast open a standard between has. This is 11 holiday of next! lessons Ah!
  • iaminger
    As far as price, condition and location very good.
  • baldeagle22
    Located at the street corner, drink is very convenient, the hotel is also very quiet, very warm and thoughtful service.
  • m01460863
    Old storefronts, a clean environment, like
  • lifestyle_ww
    Boss is enthusiastic, reception, held after the previous answer of one person does not recognize, and justifiably. good location, but noisy, locks, bedside lamp, nozzle is bad, bed not clean enough
  • frog2006
    Inn at the entrance to old street, room implementation is a bit old, overall still very clean, the front desk service was very good, they are very polite, sleeping until midnight when the fire alarm, awakened, and the next day I asked to know guest bath downstairs smoke too much, Inn's implementation you want to update, and other very good
  • paiadin
    Hotels in old street, will not fail to find low prices reasonable, although there are no facilities, but feels old Gu Xiang, room clean, but to give the feeling of a cold winter.
  • miroro
    For tunxi tourism place to stay, the price is very affordable
  • na1717
    I prefer Chinese décor, at the street entrance, good location and convenient transportation. Facility is a little old, services to keep up.
  • lovebio412
    Traffic is very convenient, near old street, is relatively old, quilt doesn't seem very clean
  • ljt1982
    No WiFi, bad cable access is still very primitive, special Apple various equipment is not convenient
  • fang105601
  • e01813373
    Good location, next to old street, near the old bridge, the room moisture
  • cnlng
    A little surprised, I upgraded for free standard room, excellent service, and convenient
  • aid23
    Good location at the street corner, where easier facilities, services, health and decent.
  • danipp
    Good location, price close to the people and health is very clean.
  • linjinliyes
  • sy59537
    Also nice
  • cjx8736006
    The environment is good, is the facility a little old
  • pignpigpig
    Good location, room is OK
  • bb0488
    At old street, convenient, the facilities are there, quaint Inns, cheap, but food prices and services around and live a lot of contrast, maybe is tunxi old street is not one of the many tourist spots, can kill will kill. stutter in the soup are satisfied, it is recommended that if you go to Huangshan, there's accommodation in tunxi.
  • amelieyang0129
    Old hotel, convenient location, in the tunxi old street, crossing the xinanjiang and HJ
  • cc8893
    Decoration is the nostalgia, there are pictures on the keys, Hall is feeling, there is a well, the price is very reasonable. Nice, went down around the corner is a variety of delicious, highly recommended!
  • ncflysnow
    Rooms are quaint and like. Hotel location is very convenient, out crossing is the bus stop, you can go to Huangshan train station is very convenient to the bus station. Recommend the overall decoration of the Inn is very tasty.
  • apple011
    Playing the car saw the single room was good breakfast also very good yo I use to take an umbrella
  • e01433862
    The hotel can also, especially living here 7 days after feeling better, facilities, room size is adequate, reasonable price
  • claraxue
    Shop super convenient, especially quiet in the morning, walking Street, feeling very comfortable. is the room walls are stained, affect the mood, hope my boss can swipe.
  • e01330762
    Very nice prize/quality relation. Just at the entrance of Old street, very clean hotel, good bed, teeth brush included. good quality of restaurant and very nice stuff. I totally would recommend this hotel to any other visitors.
  • lilicn
    Points and cash back problem finally solved the good impressions of this Inn is recommended not care too much about accommodation facilities that are slightly worn but 701 night low season prices are very convenient to the bus station gate bus but the bus to the train station of 5;30pm went to the airport lease, very few small tours in and around the city by bus and coach
  • Icelady
    In old style, value for money
  • d00807656
    Excellent hotel, in the old street end of the street, downstairs to take a high-speed rail line, Bridge Road to liyang in very convenient, but no WiFi, indoor lighting is dark, flat-screen TV is, hope I can improve!
  • dlpoplar
    Out the door is razed and the service was very good ... ... Was a bit noisy at night-
  • lxwcxj
    Environment on the street side, travel is very convenient, just across from the north rail lines to high-speed rail station.
  • darlinglili
    Well, shopping from tunxi old street very convenient!
  • clmoyc
    Facility is a bit old and all else is fine