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Situated at the end of Tunxi Old Street,  a stone pedestrian street lined with restaurants and shops,  the Huangshan Old Street Hotel (Huangshan Laojiekou Kezhan) is designed in the tradition of Anhui's Huizhou culture. The hotel is just a ten-minute drive from the railway station and bus terminal and a 15-minute drive from the airport.[View Detail]         

住客评论 377条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • e01330762
    Very nice prize/quality relation. Just at the entrance of Old street, very clean hotel, good bed, teeth brush included. good quality of restaurant and very nice stuff. I totally would recommend this hotel to any other visitors.
  • smallveny
    Excellent location, convenient shopping street. in room big bed antique, you are great!
  • cly910524
    Next to the street, facilities slightly older, the street is very noisy, other good
  • daydream26
    Good location, hotel condition is pretty good, but a bit simple for breakfast should be improved
  • e03240623
    Despite I to of is four star, really worth, mattress super soft, like sleep in cotton Shang, waist pain has. said provides some Wifi, is you found to has on has, didn't on didn't has, attitude super poor. facilities old. I is Guangzhou sat high-speed rail past 4:12 only station, set room Hou see II points Qian staying, I original thought fan sample version, later also is not assured, deliberately call description situation, at on said didn't problem, retained to 8 points, I also secretly happy attitude good, which terms onlyIs write. how material by rail during the three o'clock, Inn phone will say why not stay to guarantee formalities, I say do not delay an appointment? poor waiter had said no such thing, no way, room tense does not guarantee cancellation, booking for the first time and I don't know how ... not recommended to move.
  • jacolum
    Located right next to the street, very convenient. but the living room window will not shut, flush toilet is faulty, TV is old. in General can be.
  • Ivan1203
    Good, is my favorite home town layout, price very good
  • gjioajl
    Old Street entrance location. Street shopping more convenient. large rooms. no decoration, feel empty. was road noisy downstairs. rooms are not very warm.
  • bulaien
    Lights in the room are bad, in room health isn't. show after breakfast when booking No. great location in old street entrance.
  • e00036830
    TV can not see, no bath slippers
  • Aermawu
    Very good location, easy to go out, but the room facilities and equipment, as well as the relatively poor health, since we live away from the rooms, so noisy
  • fg653
    Shopping streets, great location.
  • TravelDavid
    No Windows, still tight
  • clmoyc
    Facility is a bit old and all else is fine
  • jewjew
    Very dissatisfied
  • aidan99
    Still, worth the price ... just didn't sandals and slippers
  • aspirin
    Very good, from the bus stop, railway station is the start price, shopping is also very convenient, nice
  • e00042448
    Really nice, very convenient, and there are parking spaces, though not much. To live in the future!
  • asnowdoll
    Environment is very good, location is hard to find. clean, is the wireless signal is not good
  • ford206
    The location of the hotel is really great; moreover there are bus stop to railway station and bus main station. The room had the window facing some air conditioner motors which were very noisy during the night. The dinner at the restaurant was good.
  • jimmy1892
    Antique room, downstairs is the street, quite convenient. Hotel does not have a breakfast, feeling not too convenient, go out to eat, taking into account health problems. This is a shame!
  • lawyer_lg
    Also very good hotel good location configuration details can reflect the hotel's intentions and Wuyuan hotels high when compare price and features a classic
  • LJ World
    In General, not worth the price, the facility is old.
  • Bobolong
    No service, just think hotel is too dark, usually 120
  • ncflysnow
    Rooms are quaint and like. Hotel location is very convenient, out crossing is the bus stop, you can go to Huangshan train station is very convenient to the bus station. Recommend the overall decoration of the Inn is very tasty.
  • Golone
    Hotel is very convenient, is the old corner pub, next to the street, and separated from the water Street Bridge
  • ling098
    Location quite good, behind is Street, door on has bus station, had has bridge is another a downtown street. hotel service is good, we to Huangshan play she help we free left-luggage, counter personnel are is good. health also good. General feel quite rod, I also introduced friends also to here live. also has as, hotel in also has restaurant, although didn't eat had, but buy words seems is deal.
  • lxwcxj
    Environment on the street side, travel is very convenient, just across from the north rail lines to high-speed rail station.
  • wolfwxy
    In fact, room. services generally, and the House is relatively old. but services can also
  • m00117744
    Convenient to go shopping, go out the left hand side is old street
  • e01218659
    Location great, the device is a bit old
  • jt1971
    Very good location, at the street corner, go out the street, room is quite large, style simplicity, bad toilet design, some taste, go to wireless network is broken. transportation is convenient, not far out is the high speed rail line platform, 2 Yuan to reach high speed rail North Station. environment, recommended ~
  • cc8893
    Decoration is the nostalgia, there are pictures on the keys, Hall is feeling, there is a well, the price is very reasonable. Nice, went down around the corner is a variety of delicious, highly recommended!
  • andrewang2011
    Hotel is located in the Huangshan mountain tunxi ancient street, very convenient location, service attitude is good, although the facility is a little bit old, but still feel pretty good.
  • ruudida
    Old street, the environment can also, the traffic is convenient.
  • ajen18
    Location is fine, other very old, where charging is bad not charging to a mosquito-repellent incense gave a bad air conditioning, sound.
  • ctvsxx
    Clean. comfortable ... great ... just in the corner.
  • silversummer
    Good service, good surrounding environment, shopping street is very convenient, is going out.
  • Anne162
    Well nice! very nice!
  • e01353499
    Elegant environment, convenient, courteous! thank you
  • lilicn
    Points and cash back problem finally solved the good impressions of this Inn is recommended not care too much about accommodation facilities that are slightly worn but 701 night low season prices are very convenient to the bus station gate bus but the bus to the train station of 5;30pm went to the airport lease, very few small tours in and around the city by bus and coach
  • Pepboy
    Ancient ancient environment, to old street
  • nbccgang
    This is an old old facilities are rarely has such a small bed of one meter is convenient to shopping street four-one of three room is good overall satisfaction
  • myjay
    Location is very good, complete equipment, too many people are also very good. is the bed too small, the rooms are small, others OK ... all in all the price is worth it.
  • NN babe
    Poor sanitation services alone, in General.
  • sand08
    This is a bit old hotel, the overall feeling dark, dank, blankets and other supplies to people not feeling too well, but it can also, at least not in dirty, clean the best pajamas. musty a little heavy, basic matter. I gave 3 stars, after all, the price is not high, the store also free luggage storage
  • essen
    Hotel was excellent, very affordable and great for what you pay. Located at the beginning of old street, the location was just awesome. Would most certainly recommend it.
  • smartspring
    Accessibility, next to the street. can also free parking and free Internet.
  • congoxixi
    The character is good, very good! free upgrade to carved twin beds room with a living room suite! hotel taxi is also a free airport pick-up! was originally set this, as too expensive! are people Ah! f feels very good, very clean!